Outlook access control GPO

In Outlook there is an interface that allows other programs to access certain resources in Outlook, such as inserting templates, automatic mail sending, access to the address book, etc.

There are three possible variants in the security settings:

  • Access is automatically accepted without information.
  • The user will be informed about an access:
Outlook Programmatic Access warning
  • The Access is automatically blocked:
    (The displayed message differs depending on the program)
Outlook Programmatic Access denied notification

These three variants can be controlled by Group Policy.

The security settings can’t be set selectively. As soon as they are active, they apply to every program access to Outlook.

GPO Settings

To be able to use the GPO settings, the Office ADMX must be installed first.

ADMX for Office 365 can be downloaded from the following link:

After installing the ADMX, you must first enable the “Outlook Security Mode” and set it to “Use Outlook Security Group Policy”.

Security Form Settings in GPOs
Outlook Security Mode in GPOs

The settings can then be defined under “Programmatic Security”.

Outlook object model prompt in GPOs
Outlook object model prompt in GPOs

Since this is a user GPO, the user must either run “gpupdate /force /target:user” or log on to the client again.

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